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Email attachment issues 1234 PoE

We have about 10 NetVanta 1224st's in our network serving end users and their IP phones and they have been working great.  Last year we got a newer 1234 POE and have found a really strange issue with it.  Anybody behind the 1234 has issues sending emails with attachments over 1MB in size.  The email will just sit in their outbox in Outlook for 5-30 min depending on the size of the attachment.  We have a really high email size limit set in Exchange of 50MB and these emails are far below that size.  This is really the only symptom of an issue I can find.  Everything else seems fine.  If i put a 1224 in it's place everything works fine.

I contacted AdTran support about the issue last year and sent them the config file which i have also uploaded here.  They couldn't see anything wrong with the config so they shipped me a new one.  I set that one up from scratch and it is having the same issue.  We eventually gave up and purchased a refurb 1224 to replace it and we shelved the 1234.

I'm now in need of another switch and was hoping i could get this figured out.  I downloaded the latest firmware and loaded the default config. I than just did a basic setup of our 4 VLAN's and set the management IP for the unit.  At the moment I'm the only person connected to it, but low and behold any email i send with an attachment hangs in my outbox.

Has anybody seen anything like this before?  It really has us baffled.


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Re: Email attachment issues 1234 PoE

I've not seen this before and I've got close to 100 of the 1234's at customer sites. Just gonna take a stab at things. Check all of your ports that are in use from the 1234 and make sure they are auto-negotiating correctly. If your in the console you can do "show int switch-port 0/1" etc.. and see what it negotiated at. Also look and see if your seeing any errors when you do that. Have you tried other file transfers? FTP or SMB and see if you see the slow downs with those as well. Looking at the config I'm gonna guess your using port 1 which is the server vlan? Have you tired other vlans? Also any reason you have it setup for trunk mode? I'd try setting it to access mode and change the vlan just as another test. Any chance you could put up a config from the 1224st thats working? I rarely see any issues with the 1234's unless they just up and fail. With the config you posted the switch is doing nothing but passing traffic so things should just work.

Hope this helps....