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I Need a NetVanta Primer (VLAN setup)

I'm using a secondhand 1st generation NetVanta 1534 POE as the heart of our small church's network. Thanks to other help here, I have managed to reset the passwords and begin configuring it. However, I haven't yet had any success with setting up working VLANs. I'd like to ask for pointers to tutorials and/or documentation, or failing that for specific help for this situation. I have read the "Quick Start Guide", but it doesn't address these specifics. I've also downloaded and looked at the AOS Reference Guide, but it's pretty opaque. If at all possible, I'd prefer to work within the GUI setup on the 1534 POE. Our firmware has been upgraded to R13.2.2.

Our network is simple enough: ISP gateway connected directly to a MikroTik router. The router has 10 ports (plus 1 SFP) and manages DHCP on a 10.#.X.0/24 subnet. A couple of drops are plugged directly into the router; mostly devices which are not compatible (meaning I haven't been able to get to work!) with the NetVanta such as a UniFi WAP (incompatible PoE) and, at present, our IP phones which cannot seem to get a DHCP address via the NetVanta but which work just fine when plugged directly into the router. The NetVanta is downstream of the router and the rest of the data drops are connected to it; default gateway for WAN access (via the router) is 10.#.X.1.

What I'm asking for, specifically, is detailed information on setting up a pair of VLANs using the GUI if at all possible. I want to have six ports configured into a 10.#.Y.A/28 VLAN for VoIP phones which will have WAN access via the gateway but should not be able to "see" anything else on the network. I want to configure another six ports into a 10.#.Y.B/28 VLAN for IP surveillance cameras; these cameras should be able to communicate with the surveillance server on 10.#.X.### but should not have any WAN access, either incoming or outgoing (ET NOT phone home!). I want to set up separate DHCP pools for both of these subnets which will be managed by the 1534P. NOTE: The surveillance server has dual LAN ports; while I would prefer to keep both on the main network for failover redundancy it is possible to reconfigure one to be on the same subnet as the IP cameras if that is advisable. Edit To Add: For admin purposes, it would be best if the cameras could be accessed via the Wireless Access Points. The WAPs have the capability to add another virtual network (currently they have main and guest only). I'm also in future planning to add another VLAN for "IoT devices" such as thermostats, probably a /27. If the new WAP virtual network could communicate with both it and the cameras it would make my life easier.

Again, without documentation I'm finding the VLAN configuration to be rather opaque. What is the "track" option? How do I set up the interface address? I've done some trial and error guessing, but had no good results so far. I'd appreciate some assistance. Thanks!

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Re: I Need a NetVanta Primer (VLAN setup)

Sorry I had not seeing your request. for someone new to the network world, I recommend you go to ADTRAN university (free courses and enroll on the basic curses provide like Internetworking etc. )

1 - Decide which are the VLAN numbers to use (VLAN 1 is always the management VLAN -

2 - VLAN 2 - could be your VOICE VLAN

3 - Under DATA/PORTS change the desired ports to the desired VLAN and save it.

I hope it works for you, or drop a line!