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New Contributor

Netvanta 1638P

New to Adtran/Netvanta.  Having trouble getting to the GUI interface at, set my PC IP to, SM, DG

Tried straight and crossover CAT5 cable, not luck on either.

This is what I get on boot, ? returns the last chunk.

Session now available

Press RETURN to get started.

2020.03.19 12:48:18 INTERFACE_STATUS.vlan 1 changed state to up
2020.03.19 12:48:18 OPERATING_SYSTEM Cold Start

****** Important ******

Enable and Telnet passwords are configured to "password".
Please change them immediately.

The vlan 1 interface is enabled with an address of
Telnet access is also enabled.

2020.03.19 12:48:42 POWER_OVER_ETHERNET EPS is not connected.

2020.03.19 12:48:42 OPERATING_SYSTEM Internal PoE power supply is providing po

auto-config - Restart automatic configuration parameters
clear - Reset functions
dot11ap - 802.11 Wireless access controller commands
enable - Turn on privileged commands
exit - Exit from the EXEC
logout - Exit from the EXEC
ping - Send echo messages
show - Show system information
telnet - Open a telnet connection
terminal - Set terminal parameters
traceroute - Trace route to destination
wall - Send a broadcast message to all users



I was able to get things going after researching all the commands required.

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