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POWER_OVER_ETHERNET Failed to reset PoE controller! Error code:1

I must say....when purchasing brand new switches, and spending thousands of dollars, it's quite frustrating to open the error log of every switch only to find the following:

1970.01.01 16:00:01 POWER_OVER_ETHERNET Failed to reset PoE controller! Error code:1

Just plain and simple, the word "FAILED" on any brand new piece of equipment is never comforting.

We have dealt with this issue before with Adtran, and clearly it's gone nowhere.   =(

We've purchased brand new NetVanta 1550-24P switches, and in the past 1550-48P.....over a quantity of 30 as a guess.

Out of the box, they have a BVS or something firmware on them, I can't remember, but we always upgrade them to the latest/greatest, as lord knows if you call Adtran with a problem, the first thing they ask is if you've upgraded to the latest/greatest firmware.

It'd truly be great to get a resolution to this, or at least an explanation.

Oh well, no real hope here....maybe I can be proven wrong.

Good Luck Adtran!   =/

(sorry for such lack luster enthusiasm's simply frustrating to spend soooo much money on these products only to see messages in error logs from brand new products, and have no resolutions to these problems....maybe we'll go back to TP link, or NetGear)

(If there's going to be a response such as - "Thanks so much for getting this info to us!!!  😃  Our TEAM is diligently looking into this, and we look forward to a resolution soon!....ugh, just don't even bother)

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Re: POWER_OVER_ETHERNET Failed to reset PoE controller! Error code:1

Mr Depew,

I had an engineer test a NV1550 on our factory default firmware as well as our latest maintenance release and could not reproduce this error message.  I agree that having this error presented when a unit boots up is not comforting. Would you be willing to open a support ticket so we can troubleshoot this error message on your device to see if it is a new issue or a problem that has already been resolved in our firmware?


Charles Smith

ADTRAN Product Support Manager