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Port-channel vlans missing on 1638p


I'm trying to set up a vlan connection across a port-channel that's been set up on a switch stack with two linked interfaces configured. When I run "show interfaces port-channel 1 switchport vlans" it lists all the vlans created for the switch, including the desired vlans 30 and 100. However, when I run "show switchports vlan", the two interfaces configured as the port-channel 1 show configured vlans to be none. I've also attempted to add the vlans using "switchport access vlan 30", but it seems to change nothing. 

I believe this is the cause of my bigger issue: I am unable to ping the vlan's IP created on the switch from the FortiNAC device I have connected on the other end of the port-channel, nor vice versa. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you!

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