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Traffic Shaping on 1531P

We have recently switched ISP's and now have a private network connecting all of our facilities. All remote sites route to our main facility for internet service. After installing all of our new gear, we noticed that we weren't getting the speeds that we should've been. After working with our provider's tech support, they applied 'traffic-shaping' to one of the sites and it fixed the speed issues right away. They said they don't normally do this and it is up to the customers to take care of it on their end. Now, my question is will the 1531 allow traffic shaping (bandwidth throttling?) on the one port that connects to our private network/vlan? I've not worked with Adtran equipment before and the switches were set up by the installers. Can it do this and is there a downside? I should mention that both voice and data travel over the private network.



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