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Netvanta 1650 Port Change 10 Gb to 1 GB

I have Adtran Netvanta 1560 Switches deployed in a customer network. I understand the 10 GB Port can manually (Thru software) be configured to 1 GB. My question is when you reconfigure the port from 10 Gb to 1 GB do you have to power cycle or push a button in somewhere to make the 1 GB configure change take effect?(actually change from 10 Gb to 1GB0


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Re: Netvanta 1650 Port Change 10 Gb to 1 GB

Once you inpout the command as below, it should take affect. You may need to modify the upstream device to be hardcoded and not trying to auto config the speed:

1560 Switch 1 and upstream switch
interface 10GigabitEthernet 1/5
switchport mode trunk
qos trust tag
speed 1000