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Debugging an IPSec VPN between 2 Netvanta 3140 routers

I want to link two locations; one has a static Public IP, the other a dynamic Public IP.  I would initiate the link from the dynamic to the static in all cases.  I have set this type of link up elsewhere before but this time I can't seem to succeed.  The static IP side uses its IP address to identify itself and the dynamic side uses a domain name to identify itself.  I have checked the PSK, the peer identifiers (static IP for one side, domain name for the other) for accuracy and all seems proper.  I want to link to subnet on the static public IP side; on the dynamic public IP side so there is no conflict there.  To initiate the link I tried to open a web browser from the dynamic side and entered the static IP address of the Netvanta 3140 ( in the address bar.  I also tried to ping from dynamic side to link to the other side. No connection happens.  Perhaps I need to activate something else I missed.  How can I debug further?  Both have the latest enhanced firmware.   How can I find out where things fail so I can resolve this?

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