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Netvana 3148p blinking interfaces

Our ISP provided router is an Adtran 3148P.  Ever since the router has been in place, about a year and a half, the router would randomly reboot itself. Starting this week, we have been losing connectivity to the Internet and our MPLS connections to our other locations also go down. The interface lights when the router is working are solid amber, but during the outages 3 of the interfaces (Internet, our Firewall, and MPLS) flash green and amber. The only solution to bring back the Internet and MPLS is to unplug the power to the Adtran router for a few seconds and then plug it back in. Of course, our ISP provider doesnt see a problem with me rebooting it. . Are there any known issues with these routers that would cause this problem? What would cause just those 3 interfaces to blink amber and green. The interface to my internal router stays solid and has connectivity.

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Re: Netvana 3148p blinking interfaces


A long time ago, one of my Service Provider customers had a NetVanta that would reboot intermittently (sorry, can't remember the exact details).  The root cause was a computer on the LAN had a virus that was causing a large amount of traffic that overwhelmed the NetVanta.  Fortunately the subscriber business was small with only 5 computers.  We disconnected all computers, rebooted the NetVanta and started connecting each computer with maybe 5 minutes between each new computer connection. We found the problem computer.  Diagnosing further we found the source of the extreme amount of traffic was a virus.

What caught my attention with your post was "The interface lights when the router is working are solid amber".  The "NetVanta 3148/4148 Series Fixed Port Secure Access Routers Hardware Installation Guide" does not list a "solid" amber, it only mentions a "flashing" amber.  So, is there so much traffic all the time that there are no breaks or downtime?  When the business is closed for the day, are those LEDs still "solid" amber?  If yes, what is generating that much traffic all of the time?  Is one of the Ethernet switch ports also "solid" yellow?

You could check the following commands:

show processes cpu
show processes cpu realtime
    System load may be at 100%.
show processes cpu history
    Did the CPU load stay at 100%?
show interfaces <interface> realtime
show interfaces <interface> performance-statistics 15-minute
Another customer has  a similar issue where "all" of the switch ports were solid amber, which turned out to be a broadcast over the VLAN being used.  Again, the root cause was one computer.  This was associated with one application on one computer.
Hopefully this provides some help and possible clues as to where to start investigating.

Re: Netvana 3148p blinking interfaces

I do not have access to the CLI. The router is the ISP's.  All of our locations are solid amber light and have been that way for a year and half since installation.  The router doesn't connect to any of my internal LAN switches. The router connects to an MPLS connection, the Internet Fiber Ciena device, my firewall, and an internal router.  I though i have read somewhere amber was to indicate a 100M connection. Checking the firewall and netflow on my internal cisco router doesn't indicate any excessive or strange traffic. I will update this when my ISP gets into the router.