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New Contributor

Firmware R14.2.1 E on 3140 does not display web gui

I just updated from the enhanced R 14.2.0 E to R14.2.1 E as it was just released.  The update was installed via web gui.  Once the new firmware was loaded, I changed the primary firmware to R14.2.1 E and made the R14.2.0 the secondary.  I had already deleted the old secondary to provide sufficient room to upload R14.2.1E as normal.  It seemed to take a while for the system to acknowledge the change in primary and secondary firmware assignment after the upload but did accept it.  I saved and then rebooted.  After the restart, I logged into the 3140 via web gui as before.  It accepted the password but the browser address is (the IP address of the 3140 is and the left side vertical pane is solid blue with no way to navigate elsewhere.  This seems to suggest something is incorrect.  I logged in via cli and checked the show run and it seemed proper (I made no changes to the show run, I just updated firmware); show run shows the firmware as R14.2.1E as it should.  I powered the 3140 off and after being off for ~ 1.5 minutes, I powered it back on.  This made no difference.  The router appears to be working properly otherwise.  However I cannot navigate anywhere via web gui.  Has anyone else seen this?  How can this be fixed?

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