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Initial config of netvanta 3140

Hi there, I'm hoping this is a simple(r) question.

We are a small tech support company, and are pretty technically proficient, but we are normally dealing with routers such as barracuda/sonicwall/ubiquity. A potential customer has asked us to help configure a 3140 that they purchased and then put in a rack and then found out they don't understand how to configure 🙂

I've looked through the docs and on the web and it's not quite clear if initially I need to assign addresses to ethernet interfaces to be able to use the gui to set the simple configuration of their network, or if I can start out at the gui from the get-go using the default user/pass. Some videos/documentation seem to imply that is set up by default as an address that you can find the gui at, but other documentation walks you through setting up interfaces through cli first.

Since I won't get my hands on this until I'm in front of the customer I'd like to be prepared if possible (and possibly have a console cable with me). Any insight is appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Initial config of netvanta 3140

This is exactly why I didn't want the client to use this router. 14 days later and no one can even answer a simple question.

It turned out to be that there was a web interface setup on port 0 at (in case anyone else is also wondering).

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Re: Initial config of netvanta 3140


I am sorry that someone in the community was not able to respond to your question sooner.  Typically our Quick Start Guide for our Business CPE products does include instructions on Accessing the GUI but that section appears to have been omitted from the NetVanta 3140 Quick Start Guide.  I apologize for your confusion on not finding that information in this guide and I will work with our documentation team on updating these instructions. 

I do encourage you to also open a Product Support ticket in the future if you do need further assistance after using the Support Community and we will be happy to help answer any technical questions or provide troubleshooting assistance.  This guide below will help with instructions on opening a Support ticket.

Using ADTRAN's Support Case and RMA Portals



ADTRAN Product Support Manager - Business CPE