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Policy Based routing in Netvanta 3140 and VPN clients

Current config includes 2 WAN carriers and 3 LAN subnets including extra subnet for VPN clients. SIP trunking from different carrier comes through 1 of the 2 WAN connections.

First can the Netvanta support Policy based routing allowing all the SIP traffic to go out the current WAN2 connection without interfering with Internet traffic going out the other WAN1 connection? Currently all traffic, both SIP and internet goes out WAN1 connection and the other is used for failover. We have to change the default gateway manually each time to get traffic to use the WAN2 connection when issues arise with WAN1.

Second what can we use for VPN clients besides shrewsoft? Shrewsoft software is outdated from 2014 and we're afraid it will eventuallt be phased out.

Thank You


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