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Does DHCP relay "override" local DHCP server settings?

I think the subject says most of it.  I have a router (NV 3305, running R11.4.4) that has local DHCP server settings and pools already configured. I'm testing out using DHCP relay to a remote set of servers across the WAN (MPLS/private WAN service to servers at HQ) and trying to centralize our DHCP and DNS there (instead of each remote router running its own DHCP and relaying DNS to corporate).

Does a relay entry (interface eth 0/1 ; ip dhcp relay destination a.b.c.d) override any matching local DHCP server pool configured on the router?  Or do I need to explicitly remove the local DHCP pool if I want the relay to work correctly?

In short, what is "expected behavior" if both local DHCP (with a pool that matches a given subnet) and DHCP relay have been configured?


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