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3430 SBC - No audio on pbx forwarded call

I just installed first SBC and have no audio when I forward a call to an outside phone number through the pbx. I have attached the config and debug info. Do I have a wrong setting on the 3430 SBC? I can fix it by telling the PBX to record all calls, but would rather not record all calls.

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Re: 3430 SBC - No audio on pbx forwarded call

Your attached debugs don't show the SDP details which makes it hard to see exactly where the failure is happening. You might try setting voice transfer-mode network and/or voice forward-mode network.

Configuring the PBX to record the call sets it up as a conference call with the PBX recording function being one leg of the conference.

Be careful. Allowing a PBX to set up outside-to-outside forwarding is a vector for toll fraud. Make sure your PBX is well locked down in terms of web and DTMF passwords, also international calling.