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Remote login banner.

How do I change the remote login banner so I don't broadcast I'm a "NetVanta 3448"?

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Honored Contributor

Re: Remote login banner.

There are three possible banners:

motd  - "Message of the day" (but usually updated far less frequently) - appears at first connection.

login - appears after motd

exec - appears after authentication.

Syntax to change, from global configuration mode:

banner motd % This is the message of the day. Today is Tuesday. %

banner login % Unauthorized access is prohibited. Go away.  %

banner exec % You have successfully logged in. Don't forget to save your changes. %

Note that the % is a delimiter. It can be any character that isn't part of the message itself. Type it once before the message and once after. If your message contains a % then use something else.

You can insert returns within the message to make it more readable. For example:

banner login %

             Unauthorized access is prohibited. Go away.