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Client states Unidentified network when connected for DHCP

I am at bit of a loss with a configuration I have built. The scenario was to create a routed failover configuration. That part works, although the failover part was not been tested but access fo the WAN 2 is confirmed. The main issue that I am running into is with the last part of the scenario is setting up a DHCP pool, which I believe has been done correctly but when a Windows PC is connected the ethernet adapter states "unidentified network" and the PC will have an APIPA. The PC in question is using a USB dongle for Ethernet and the Adtran in question is a Netvanta 3448. If someone could give a glance over on the configuration to ensure that the pool has been set up correctly. Now given that I have not been able to get my configuration to provide a DHCP lease to the PC I have not been able to test that it will access the internet, so if anyone happens to see an issues there it would be greatly appreciated if insight was provided. I did have to omit certain parts of my configuration as it does use some information that is sensitive. One last thought I had is maybe I am not allowing for enough time as the lab required a /16 network and the router is simply taking longer than I am anticipating to assign a lease to the client. It is my understanding that Vlan 1 is assigned to any switchports that are not assigned to another Vlan unless trunked, but I am not certain of that. Again any insights that can be provided would be greatly appreciated

I have attached the edited configuration for review (sensitive information has been omitted)

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Re: Client states Unidentified network when connected for DHCP

Have you verified that it's a DHCP problem and not a connectivity issue?  Try connecting a host to a switchport with a static IP configured in 10.192.x.x/16 and verify that it can ping .

Your configuration has something I've not seen before. The VLAN interfaces have a double negative. I'm surprised that the parser allowed "no no shutdown", but logically and grammatically this would shut down the VLAN interface. Try entering "no shutdown" instead of "no no shutdown". Note that the VLAN interfaces are logical layer 3 interfaces. The switch ports will still get link but the IP addresses won't be active if the VLAN interface is shut down.

Having a DHCP pool of size /16 is not an issue. Practically, you don't want more than a couple of hundred devices in the same broadcast domain, but a large pool won't slow down the lease assignment.

You are correct that non-trunked ports by default are access ports on VLAN 1.

Re: Client states Unidentified network when connected for DHCP

Thank you for your insight, good to know that Vlan 1 is on switch ports by default and now that I have looked over my config again only the one that I had omitted the sensitive data did the "no no shutdown" entry appear, I must have not noticed it added in extra "no" to my interface when doing a replace all. I ended up essentially just dropping the config again after I removed one or two minor duplicated entries, but the entries that were duplicated I can't imagine would have affected the DHCP pool. Like you said I believe it was an issue with the device that was being connected to the router as it was one of those slim line laptops that do not have an ethernet port but a USB dongle was being used instead. I strongly feel that is was an issue with the USB to ethernet adapter causing an issue. Appreciate the quick reply and good eye on catching those double negatives.