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NetVanta 3448 Throughput Issue

Hi, I have been testing around with a spare Netvanta 3448 to test throughput. Unfortunately, I can only seem to get about 12Mbps through it. My test set up is as follows:

Eth 0/1:

Eth 0/2:

On both Ethernet connections I have a PC (, I have made a share on one and tried moving a file to and from it. I have enabled/disabled the following from another thread:

ip ffe

no lldp send-and-receive

Unfortunately, moving a file back and forth maxes out at 12Mbps. I was hoping to be able to at least get somewhat close to the 100Mbps. Is there anything I can do to increase it? Is Windows throttling it or is there a default setting on the Netvanta for throttling?

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Re: NetVanta 3448 Throughput Issue

What apps are you using to test throughput?  What is the packet type, size, etc…?  For different sized payloads you could see different types of performances.

Have you baselined a transfer between your 2 hosts without the 3448 in the middle to ensure they will move packets at higher speeds?

Are you sure your results are not 12 MB/s, instead of 12 Mb/s.  12 Mbytes/s calculates out to around 96 mbits/s, which would be about what you are looking for in throughput.