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QOS for VOIP on 3448 (3400)

I want to make sure I am clear on how or if QOS is going to work in my setup. I have reviewed the docs, multiple post found here and the video put up by Adtran (very helpful).

Setup is a 10Mbps Fiber connected to eth0/1. We have VPN's setup to two remote sites, both running Adtran's, one 3200 and another 3448. Both remote sites use VOIP phones which route all internal calls as well as direct line calls from the main site to the remote sites. Everything works fine except during a short time when we have an incremental backup firing off during midday which pushes data to one of the remote sites over the VPN, time runs around 4 minutes. During this period users report voice quality problems. Monitoring of the router doesn't show we are even coming close to maxing out the connection during this lunchtime period and CPU use runs around 30% so I don't see how the backup is causing the problem but we moved the backup to 11AM and users then complained that was when call quality dropped.

So I have created a QOS map per the video. Traffic shaping is set at 10mbps, QOS set to 200kbps all per the video and linked to the eth0/1 port on the main site's 3448. My question is will the QOS mapping kick in since the VOIP traffic is in the VPN since I linked to the eth0/1 port (WAN). I can adjust the numbers once I get some feedback from users and the router's stats but curious if it's even going to tag the QOS right in the first place considering the VOIP traffic is in the VPN.

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