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Re: connecting a 3120 to a 3430

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Hi Jayh

The IP phones are NEC ITL-12D connected to a NEC Sv8100 PBX.

The switch is a Netgear prosafe 50POE switch.

The phones register, works well but then it freeze and stop working. After a while it restart. When it freeze you can still make a call but there is no audio. When I unplug the router from the switch it come back to life very quickly. The PBX is localy installed and connected in the switch it’s not a bandwidth issue.

Thanks for your time

De : jayh

Envoyé : June-10-14 11:50 PM

À : dominic lazure

Objet : Re: - connecting a 3120 to a 3430

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connecting a 3120 to a 3430

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Re: connecting a 3120 to a 3430

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