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Need to start blocking sites like Pandora at our Netvanta 4305

Current Firmware:

So we have a Netvanta 4305 with a t-1 Octo Card.


WAN side

Verizon 4x1 Bonded T1

It is setup with the the physical interface T1 3/1, 3/2 3/3 and 3/4 active.

The Logical interface for these is PPP 1

The PPP 1 interface  is set with the main  IP address from from Verizon. which is a /30 address.

LAN side

ETH 0/1 is active and ETH 0/2 is inactive.

ETH 0/1 is setup as interface Mode: IP routing.

The IP address is the first in our /27 block of static IP addresses from Verizon. with Subnet mask

So this interface goes out to our Private WAN where each location has a router with a static IP address from to 29 Subnet and Gateway the ETH 0/1 address.

So we have limited bandwidth and I want to set up at our Netvanta blocks for various sites like Pandora.

I enabled Firewall set firewall mode to all traffic. left everything else as default.

Created the following ACL

Name Pandora

filter type: Deny

Source Data: IP address


Mask: 255.255.248

Pandora is suppose to occupy

I applied and then reboot and saved but no go. Pandora is still accessible from the individual sites.

This is my only site where I have a router that is feeding public static routes to other routers so I am not sure what I need to do here to block sites.

Any help?

Thank You

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