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NetVanta 4660 CLI slowness on AOS R11.2.0 and R11.3.0

I have two NetVanta 4660s that were recently installed a two separate customer locations.  One is working fine on R11.2.0, the other is nightmarishly sluggish on the CLI (via telnet) when running R11.2.0 or R11.3.0.  When you try to type a command, it's reminiscent of the days of dial-up.  R10.11.0 does not have this problem. It's sort of strange since it's only affecting one of the two routers and only on the newer firmware.  I know it's not a transport problem since the router behaves normally on R10.11.0 and there's no other problems other than the CLI acting strange.

Anyone else run into this problem so far?  For now I'm just going to leave it running R10.11.0 until there's an Extended Maintenance Branch release for this thing.

ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R10.11.0.E

  Mainline Version: ENM.14.5

  P4 Changelist: 117318

  Checksum: a2ae941f50c326c4e33210e8cf498564b82ea635080e9409500411a810bb9afa

  Built on: Wed Jan 22 15:35:19 CST 2014

  Upgrade key: f34530f2cac17b67f7ee36c3b97ed4fa

Hardware version F.

Boot ROM version R10.10.0.B1

  Built on: Fri Jan 10 11:09:36 CST 2014

Copyright (c) 1999-2014, ADTRAN, Inc.

Platform: NetVanta 4660 EoX L2/L3 Router, part number 17004660F1


Flash: 97001472 bytes  DRAM: 526467072 bytes

xxxxxxxxx-r1 uptime is 0 days, 0 hours, 4 minutes, 46 seconds

System returned to ROM by Soft Reset

Current system image file is ""

Boot system image file is ""

Primary system configuration file is "startup-config"

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Re: NetVanta 4660 CLI slowness on AOS R11.2.0 and R11.3.0

- Thanks for posting your question on the forum!

Were you able to see the CPU information or capture the "show interface" output while it was in its sluggish state?

This particular situation may be better handled in a support ticket.   If you open a ticket please come back to this thread after it is resolved to post the solution so others can benefit from it.  You can create one using any of the methods listed below.  Please reference the URL of this thread when opening the ticket to help provide background information to our support team.

- Open a webticket by clicking on this link:

- Open a ticket by emailing

- Open a ticket by phone by calling 1-888-423-8726

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions.



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Re: NetVanta 4660 CLI slowness on AOS R11.2.0 and R11.3.0

Neither show interface nor show process cpu show anything of interest.  There's no interface errors or spikes in CPU utilization.  No real explanation for why it's happening.  At first I thought it was a problem with the BGP process, but even after the BGP configuration is removed it was still happening.    The router functions normally in terms of routing packets even while the CLI is acting up.  This unit is in production now, so I can't do any more testing with it.  If it happens again with the next NV4460, I'll open a support ticket for it.

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Re: NetVanta 4660 CLI slowness on AOS R11.2.0 and R11.3.0


I went ahead and flagged "Assumed Answered" on this post to make it more visible and help other members of the community find solutions more easily. If you feel like there is a better answer, feel free to come back to this post and select it with the applicable buttons.  If you have any additional information on this that others may benefit from, please come back to this post to provide an update.  If you still need assistance, we would be more than happy to continue working with you on this - just let us know in a reply.