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bgp route failed to redist to ospf issues..

AOS should be able to support bgp->ospf redistribution but I cannot get it going for some reason.

As you can see below, is on OSPF database but no go to form the OSPF route.

Did I miss any?

NV4430-1-primary# sh bgp ipv4 neighbors received-routes

BGP local router ID is, local AS is 65024.

Status codes: * valid, > best, i - internal, o - local

Origin codes: i - IGP, e - EGP, ? - incomplete

Network NextHop         Metric LocPrf      Path

*> 3549 i

NV4430-1-primary#sh ip route

Routing entry for

  Known via "BGP 65024", type external

  Distance 20, metric 0/0

  Routing Next Hop(s):, via giga-eth 0/1.226

       Route metric is 0/0, tag is 3549


NV4430-1-primary#sh run | b router ospf 1

router ospf 1

  redistribute bgp subnets

  redistribute connected subnets

  network area 0

NV4430-1-primary#sh run | b router bgp

router bgp 65024

  bgp log-neighbor-changes


    remote-as 3549

    no shutdown


  address-family ipv4

    network mask

    redistribute ospf 1

    redistribute static


      send-community standard

      soft-reconfiguration inbound

      no shutdown



NV4430-1-primary#sh ip ospf neighbor | i 20.70.18

  1.        1 FULL/BDR         00:00:31      eth 0/1.17


NV4430-1-primary#sh ip route ospf | i 169.1.11

NV4430-1-primary#sh ip ospf database | i 169.1.11        685 0x80000001  0xFFBF        3549

NV4430-1-primary#sh ip ospf 1 database

OSPF router with ID: (Process ID 1)

  Router Link States, Area 0

    Adv Router       Age   Seq #       Checksum  Link count Bits        1261 0x80000003  0xE2D4 1            E      1261  0x80000001 0x1260 1 None

  Network Link States, Area 0

    Adv Router       Age   Seq #       Checksum  Prefix/Link ID       Rtr count        1261  0x80000001 0xD2E9        2

  External Link States

    Adv Router       Age   Seq #       Checksum  Prefix/Link ID       Tag        1699 0x80000001  0xC1F3 0        1699  0x80000001 0x2917      0        1699  0x80000001 0x1E7D       0 934   0x80000001  0xFFBF        3549


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