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NetVanta 644 - unknown code 47


We have a customer that has a NetVanta 644 running the firmware R10.9.4.E.. The PRI is working but they report random calls experiencing one way audio. The only abnormalities we have found so far are Unknown code 47 popping up in the log every 4 minutes or so.  Any idea what causes code 47?

ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R10.9.4.E

Platform: NetVanta 644

2015.03.30 21:14:40 ISDN.EP     PRI  2  Call clearing: Unknown code 47 : Loc=U

2015.03.30 21:14:40 TM.T42 23 IsdnTmStateInboundAccept - rcvd unexpected CallRelease

2015.03.30 21:14:40 TM.T42 23 IsdnTmStateIdling - clear trunk appearance

2015.03.30 21:14:40 TM.T42 23 IsdnTmStateIdle::CallRelease - unexpected

2015.03.30 21:14:40 TM.T42 23 IsdnTmStateIdling - clear trunk appearance

Thank you!

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Re: NetVanta 644 - unknown code 47

Mr. Corral,

Thanks for posting.  I would first recommend that you upgrade the unit to latest Extended Maintenance Release (EMR) which is currently R11.4.3.  Regarding the cause code 47 above, this indicates that the unit received a message that there was no resource for the call, but the reasoning was unspecified.  We would typically want to check the output of the following so we can see more details.

debug sip stack message

debug voice verbose

debug isdn L2-formatted

However, with that type of error, I would typically expect the call not to come up at all, rather than a one-way audio condition.  If you continue to have problems on the newer firmware feel free to respond here with the complete debug output minus any customer specific information such as passwords, phone numbers, or IP addresses.