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6250 Adtran FXS lines drop outs

Hello, everyone. I hope someone can assist me with a problem we've been experiencing in the field. My Company has received reports of a few shows experiencing dropouts with phone lines latched to the Netvanta 6250 Gateways after 5 hours. Typically, the dropouts occur at the 4:59:59 mark, and we are a bit puzzled as to what could be causing this issue. Therefore, I am reaching out to your technical team, as you guys are experts in this area, to see if there is a setting within the 6250 that might be disrupting the phone lines being latched for extended periods.


Thank you for your assistance.

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Re: 6250 Adtran FXS lines drop outs


The only time I have seen something like this was on a TA5000 chassis in a Remote Terminal cabinet.  On the TA5000's POTS and ADSL+POTS modules, after a period of time, some of the POTS ports across various cards installed in the chassis would go into an off-hook state, but no call was active.

The issue was the TA5000 chassis ground wire was not "attached" to the ground bar of the cabinet.  The AC/DC rectifier, suppling the -48VDC, ground bar "was attached" to the cabinet ground bar.

Once the TA5000's chassis ground was connected to the cabinet ground bar the issue never occurred again.

So, I would confirm the NetVanta's AC ground is stable / valid compared to the 19" equipment rack which should also be grounded.  If either ground is bad, that would be similar to the TA5000 situation explained above.

Hope this helps.