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NV6250 doesn't work with Dialplans

I am trying to get a NV6250 to work with dial plans so I can ring multiple FXS ports in sequence so multiple devices can take the same call. We also need DNIS number capability. Previously we have used an ATLAS 550 for this but they are old and not supported and failing. I would also prefer to use the newer interface (CLI or GUI).
I see in the CLI that you can configure ring groups and they accept DID numbers but when a call comes in on the SIP trunk it will not forward to a ring group, only a user extension.

If this product is unable to accomplish this, can anyone recommend one that will?



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Re: NV6250 doesn't work with Dialplans

This seems to be related to the version of firmware. Old firmware has dialplans in the GUI. New firmware does not.