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How to configure Remote Survivability on a 6355


I have a NV6355, we are having issues with the SIP provider, I was thinking to use the feature of Remote Survivability to use a PSTN line to have my in/out bound.

As the SIP services are being hosted by the SIP provider i was wondering If i need to tell the provider to perform some changes.

Also I couldn't find enough information about Remote Survivability online.

I'll appreciate any information.


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Re: How to configure Remote Survivability on a 6355


Thanks for posting.  You will likely want to work with your provider to make any changes to call routing in the unit.  However, your unit will support survivability, and below is a link to a guide you may find helpful.  This shows the configuration of an FXO port to be used full time for 911 calls, and a backup PSTN path when the SIP server is not reachable.

Configuring TA900 Series FXO ports

Feel free to add any follow up questions you may have or additional details about your current application and the backup paths trunks you wish to incorporate.