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7100 continues to reboot - Software watchdog

I have a 7100 installation and I continue to get the error message "Cause of reset: Software Watchdog"  I have replaced the 7100 twice.  When I replace the unit I initialize the new unit (flash reset - per Adtran configuration guide).  I then copy down the Cflash files to new Cflash and copy all of the flash files to new flash -basically I copy of the existing files to the new 7100.  Failure rate is in the range of a few minutes to a number of hours or days.  I have tried R11.5.0, up through R11.10.7HA same results.  Could a configuration issue cause this type of problem?

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Re: 7100 continues to reboot - Software watchdog

would you be able to share the exception report or the startup files to review configuration ?