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Audio Converter

I know this discussion has been had before, but the most recent link provided to download a converter, does not download a converter at all. It simply downloads current music provided by Adtran. Is there a conversion tool?

I would like to create our own music on-hold messages that play, but cannot. I've searched the most recent release notes to find nothing on this topic (most recent discussion forum I located was from 2013). Is there anything new?

This is specifically for the Netvanta 7100 series. We just got this system in 2015/2016.

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Re: Audio Converter

Audacity is a free program that will manipulate just about any audio file you have into just about any format. Versions for Linux, Mac, Windows available.

Re: Audio Converter

The last one I could find in my system was 0.5  I zipped it and put it in drop box here:

Netvanta Audio Converter

I believe you'll have to go get some of the plug-ins though.  Check the ReadMe for what is required.