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CLID Question

I have two 7100 connected via a sip trunk. Also there is a seperate sip trunk for incoming and outgoing calls. Some of the phones have DID numbers assigned and others don't. My questions is the phones that have DID's assigned.... When calling the other site it shows the 10 digit DID number assigned which by default is correct for external calls. Is there a way to just send the exten number over that sip trunk that connects the two 7100's and send the 10 digit DID number over the incoming and outgoing sip trunk?


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Re: CLID Question

Bert, assigning a DID to a user overwrites the caller-id on all outbound calls. The better way to do this would be to have ANI substitutions on your outbound trunk to your provider that altered the caller-id only as a call left towards the PSTN. Thanks