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Change live call handling problems

I am unable to impact the live call handling.

I have read the documentation thoroughly on how to setup a system from scratch but there doesn't seem to be a direct way or direct documentation on how to change the call flows. It's really simple, when a call comes into our main line I want it to ring an extension then go to the auto-attendant. I have made the changes to the ring group being used (8204 not 8200 that one is blank) but that does nothing, the auto-attendant picks up on the first ring regardless. Do I have to reboot the device after every configuration change?

It's important to note that the SIP Trunk is Megapath and there are a couple of others configured in there. Since it is web based and linked to our number (I suspect the phone register) of the number, there isn't a way to configure the extension it is going to. Naturally this system was setup before my arrival and there is NO documentation conveniently.

Shouldn't it work like:

Trunk > Auto attendant > Call group or Ext  for an automated system or

Trunk > Call group > Ext for a live system

Based on the documentation that is what I gathered but none of the configuration changes have any impact and I can't imagine the SIP provider controlling the extension the lines ring to, has anyone heard of that?

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Re: Change live call handling problems

Michael, please post a copy of your configuration with any sensitive IP addresses or passwords scrubbed out. Please note which DID you're referring to. Configuration changes should not require a reboot. Thanks