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Change user name on phone

I have a Netvanta 7060.  We have replaced one employee and want to change the name displayed on phones so others can contact this person with his proper name.  I have changed the name in the 7060 and saved it; it shows the new name even after power cycling the Netvanta 7060 but the name shown on the phones used by others keep the original name, even after a reboot of the phone.  The phones are Adtran part # 1200854G1; ADTRAN VVX 400.  I would expect the user name shown on the phone would be the name as entered in the Netvanta 7060 but this does not appear to be the case. 

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Valued Contributor II

Re: Change user name on phone

Try these documents:

Let me know if that doesn’t work.


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Re: Change user name on phone

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