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Dial 0 (zero) from Voicemail

Customer wants ability to dial 0 while in voicemail to transfer to operator.

Not in auto - attendant as they don't use it.

System is 7100 with UC server. I've set the Voice, Station, Operator groups, VM Settings.

When in a users' voicemail and dial 0, the system emits 1 beep then records your voicemail, it doesn't transfer you out.

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Re: Dial 0 (zero) from Voicemail

I currently don't use a EC server however in a 7100 in the user config under the Voice Mail tab you have the option of setting the "Operator Assist" for that user so pressing "0" will send the caller to the number in the "Operator Assist".


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Re: Dial 0 (zero) from Voicemail

All users aready have that field populated. The UC server is where the voicemail is actually handled however and it still doesn't work.

Thank you for the reply.

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Re: Dial 0 (zero) from Voicemail

Curtis, in the UC Client on the server, go to "Tools", "Options", then select the "Operator Definition" tab and check the "Enable operator key". After that, set the operator access key to 0 and enter the extension you'd like to transfer the call to in the case that someone presses 0. Thanks