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Incoming calls sound night bell but can't be answered

Hello everyone.  A client of mine is having an odd intermittent problem with inbound calls that come in after hours.

They have a PRI and their main number is set up as a DID in the system.  Afterhours is determined by Call Coverage settings on this DID.  When a call comes in after hours it rings all user phones PLUS it calls a night bell.  This night bell is set up from a FXO port and includes a connection from the FXO port first to a relay device and then from the relay device it connects to a Valcom unit and then to the overhead speakers.

The issue we are having is that some mornings when the early folks get in calls will come in and ring all the phones and the night bell will chime but the call can't be answered.  They will see it on their phones but hitting answer or picking up the handset will not retrieve the call.  This issue persists until either the router is rebooted or the fxo port to which the night bell connects is shutdown and then re-enabled.  I don't currently have any logging of a call that is failing like this but I will attempt to gather logs when it is again after hours if you can recommend the best ones to capture.

I have attached portions of the config and will be happy to provide any other info you may need

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