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Netvanta 7100 SIP Header Add/Change


I'm looking for assistance in manipulating outbound SIP headers on a Netvanta 7100 running R11.4.2.E. I have a SIP trunk configured as trunk t01, and when I use a forward on a phone, or I use the FMFM function, the calls are rejected by my trunk provider due to the originating ANI being the outside caller's phone number. I have tried to build an ANI substitution rule, but it does not work for these forward/FMFM calls. When I grab the SIP traffic, I see the diversion header set to the handset's extension, but there is no 'SIP from address user part' in the header. I would like to be able to either add the 'SIP from address user part' to the header, or adjust the diversion header to reflect the station's DID(or a main line). I've tried adding various rules in both the voice trunk itself (match ani $ set/add diversion...) as well as HMR rules to no avail. Any assistance or direction on this would be much appreciated.

Looking forward to your responses.

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Re: Netvanta 7100 SIP Header Add/Change

C.J., a "match $ substitute XXX" ani rule should still work on a FMFM call. If it is not, please provide a copy of your configuration with passwords removed as well as "debug sip stack message" and "debug voice verbose" running during a FMFM call. Thanks