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Netvanta 7100 max user


i wanna know what is the maximum of users that the netvanta 7100 can support. We actually have some problem with the processor going over 80% and sometimes 90% and this occurs call cut/shutdown. We have around 60 users created. Ive see in a config restore that the maximum of 30 users have been created.... So how many users this device can support?

Update: like the other attachement shown our netvanta CPU utilization goes crazy with 0 idle. And why packetrouting and switch neutralize our system for somes second then go back to normal and go again crazy..... The 7100 was so on demand that we lost call and he didnt answer to icmp to. That have start suddenly like 2 days ago with no modification on the phone system. Thanks to help me!

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Re: Netvanta 7100 max user

There are 2 versions of the 7100, a 30 user version(VSMB) and a full 100 user version.  If you show version from the CLI, you should be able to see which one you have.  I attached a printout from 2 units to show the difference.  The first is a VSMB, the second is full.

XXXXX_NV7100#sho ver

ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R11.4.3.E

  Mainline Version: ENM.14.106

  P4 Changelist: 201676

  Checksum: D95A8B8E

  Built on: Wed May 13 12:14:57 2015

  Upgrade key: e1917bc69c27c125258be2e71b5dd0b7

Boot ROM version A2.06.B2.01

  Checksum: C9E6

  Built on: Fri Jan 20 11:09:57 2012

  Compatibility Version: 0

Copyright (c) 1999-2015, ADTRAN, Inc.

Platform: NetVanta 7100, part number 1200796E1


Maximum number of users: 30

Flash: 33554432 bytes DRAM: 134217728 bytes

XXXXX_NV7100 uptime is 8 weeks, 4 days, 19 hours, 54 minutes, 19 seconds

slot 0, DSP 1

  DSP software version: G2.R10.8.M.4b

  DSP hardware version: Freescale MSC7119

  Total channels: 30

ZZZZZ_NV7100#sho ver

ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R10.7.0.E

  Mainline Version: ENM.13.12

  Checksum: CC54E250

  Built on: Fri Apr 05 16:14:54 2013

  Upgrade key: dd8a0d5466bd2cab2265626c6d7c09c1

Boot ROM version A2.06.B1.01

  Checksum: E282

  Built on: Wed Mar 03 13:32:03 2010

Copyright (c) 1999-2013, ADTRAN, Inc.

Platform: NetVanta 7100, part number 1200796E1

Serial number XXXXXXXX

Flash: 33554432 bytes  DRAM: 134217728 bytes

ZZZZZ_NV7100 uptime is 8 weeks, 1 days, 11 hours, 55 minutes, 20 seconds

slot 0, DSP 1

  DSP software version: G1.R10.5.0.0

  DSP hardware version: Freescale MSC7116

  Total channels: 20

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Re: Netvanta 7100 max user

Had a similar experience with a 4430 SBC. Turned out to be a loop between the 4430 and one of my remote 7100's. Are you doing any call routing on the 7100? I would suggest checking your voice trunks.

My issue was as follows:

   1> I have a range of 100 DID numbers assigned on a 4430 SBC ending in 38xx to route the calls to the 7100 (We own the full 100 block of DID numbers)

   2> I also had a wild card, $, on the 7100 to send calls outbound to the 4430 SBC. (I don't suggest using the "$")

   3> On the 7100 I had also unchecked the "Reject External" on the trunk.

A robo-dialer would call one of my 38XX DID numbers that was not assigned, the 4430 SBC would route the call to the 7100, since the DID was not assigned the 7100 would send the call back to the 4430 SBC which sent it back to the 7100. This spiked the CPU's and other resources 4430 and the 7100 essentially locking them up until one of the devices was rebooted.

This fix was easy once identified, just Re-check the "Reject External" on the trunk as it was the only trunk on the 7100. I also removed the "$" wildcard.

  Hope this helps.


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Valued Contributor

Re: Netvanta 7100 max user

Sebastien, it might also be worth it to capture the output of "show interface" the next time this happens. It's possible you have a device on your network generating an excessive amount of traffic that could be causing the slowdown. That's what the PacketRouting thread would handle. Thanks