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R10.7.0.E and Polycom 650

Been having issues with Park retrieval on the Adtran 712 phones on one of our PBXs, so I thought I would put a spare Polycom SP 650 out to see if it was a phone issue or a PBX issue.  I added the Polycom to the PBX, configured the same status groups etc. as the Adtrans.  The GUI complained that the Status Groups would require TCP, I ack'd the dialog, phone connects, shows appropriate info on screen, will initiate a call or receive, but then drops the audio within a few seconds of initiation.

Soo, I tried upgrading the PBX to 10.8 and among other issues with the upgrade, oddly got the exact opposite, the Polycom then worked like a charm, but the Adtran phones drop the audio within 30 seconds.

Back on 10.7 now, and the Polycom will not maintain an audio stream either to an internal extension or outbound through the pbx.  I've tried deleting the phone, factory reset etc. etc.

Polycom is

Adtran 712s are at 2.4



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Re: R10.7.0.E and Polycom 650


Were you ever able to resolve this issue?  If so please come back to this post to provide an update so others can benefit from the solution.  Typically audio drops after a set amount of time are related to SIP keepalives or firewall timeout issues.  You may want to investigate if either of those are at play.  My next suggestion would be to upgrade to the latest version of firmware listed as the Extended Maintenance Release from the NetVanta 7100 firmware page.  There will be a link for the release notes next to it that you should reference to make sure you have the required version of phone firmware loaded for that version of chassis firmware.  If you still have problems after that I would suggest collecting the output from a debug voice verbose, debug sip stack messages, and debug isdn l2-formatted (if using PRI) all enabled at the same time while you recreate the issue.  Then you can submit those along with a copy of the current running-configuration to to the FTP server with the instructions below and I would be happy to take a look.

Open Internet Explorer web browser on their PC
Type the following URL:

Press the Alt key, click View, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer

Double-click the "Incoming" folder
Drag and drop files from PC into the Internet Explorer window

Reply to this post with the exact filenames used so we can retrieve the files

Include a detailed description of the call flow