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Change intra-office caller ID

I'm getting to be a frequent poster on here - hopefully one day I'll be answering the questions on this forum!

Quick question:

I set up a ring group for my boss, so that the phone in his office and in his conference room will both ring.  So I've got two phones at extensions 51 and 54.  The ring group (actually an "identity") extension is 55.

I saw on another post that it is possible to set the intra-office caller ID to show the ring group extension 55 when he calls someone in the office.  I want people to redial the 55 number when returning a call, rather than 51 or 54 specifically.

Environment: Netvanta 7100 firmware R10.9.3.E.  UC Server (ECS) version  Polycom VVX 410 phones.

I bet this is a quick and easy one, but I'm not seeing it.  I did change the label on the phone line (on the phone) to show the 55 extension.

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Re: Change intra-office caller ID

Brian, you can override internal caller-id under the "User Config" section of a particular user in the GUI. There are separate options to override both the number and the name. Thanks