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841-t6 Extender Hardwired and Downloads

Hi folks, just a quick question. I recently had a Fidium installation performed at home, and I was set up with two 841-t6 devices to use as extenders. One of these is in the basement and is connected to a desktop PC via the LAN port. 

Now I understand that the ports are generally designed to daisy-chain the devices, but this extender is wirelessly connected to the main router. The desktop PC has no issue connecting to the internet, and speeds are very good. Overall I'm OK with what's going on right now, except for one issue: nothing downloads. Every time I try to download a file on this PC, I get a "Could not download - network issue". Every file. 

I spent 2 hours on the phone with Fidium while they disabled all potential roadblocks on their side. I've tried Chrome/Edge and Firefox. Disabled firewalls and AV software. I AM able to download files on devices using wifi (tried with iPhone, Windows, and Linux laptops), but anything (Windows desktop, Linux desktop) connected to the extenders (again, connected wirelessly to the main router), via ethernet, just...dies. Oddly enough, downloading via Steam works just fine. Streaming video and audio work just fine. Just not files over web connections.

Since the Fidium techs had reached the end of what they could think of trying, I arrived here in the hopes that someone more familiar with the 841-t6 might be able to offer some guidance. I can only provide limited additional information on my setup (the router model; the Fidium app displays the device firmware as, but that's all the access I can get; anything about my system, etc), but if there's anyone willing or able to help, let me know whatever info you'd need and I'll see if I can get it to you. 


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