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How to get SDX810-RG USB port to function as a Print Server?

I have the SDX810 which was supplied to me by the local ISP, Comporium, in July of 2021.

I have a Hewlett-Packard Laserjet 3050 printer (yes, a dinosaur but great workhorse!). We were able to print wirelessly on the HP as it was plugged in via its USB cable to a D-Link DPR-1260 Wireless Print Server which was connected to the AdTran. Our D-Link print server died about a month ago. I started looking for another Wireless Print Server since I don't really need a new printer as this HP 3050 serves my purposes.

I discovered the AdTran has a USB port on the back and according to the Data Sheet for this router under the heading

USB INTERFACE* it lists:

  • 1 USB Host Interface
  • Compliant to USB 3.0
  • Network Storage
  • Print Server

The asterisk appears to reference a bottom of page note, Future Release, which may be the issue here. This is what's happening:

  • With the HP printer off, I plug the USB cable into the AdTran USB port, turn on the printer, wait 60 seconds.
  • I log in to the AdTran router and navigate to and click on the USB tab, the HP 3050 shows up which indicates to me that the port is recognizing the printer. I even repeated the same steps with a Canon printer and it showed up, as well.
  • Under Printer Properties for the HP the "Share This Printer" box is checked and lists the HP 3050.
  • But nothing else happens. No on-screen setup guide appears, no new listing shows under my Printers & Scanners in my computer, and no printing. Just an Error message when I hit print.
  • I did note that the USB indicator light on the front of the AdTran router does not illuminate whether something is plugged into the USB port or not (I even plugged in a cell phone via USB cable and a thumb drive with a light indicator. For both devices, the USB light on the AdTran does not illuminate, but the light on the thumb drive did illuminate confirming that the port is recognizing devices that are plugged into it).

So, here are the questions I can think of that I'm hoping to get answers for and hopefully confirmation that the USB port should/can operate as a Print Server or not:

  1. Does the "Future Release" asterisk on the Data Sheet mean that the USB port on this unit is there but not yet operable - perhaps some download/update to the router is needed?
  2. Does the fact that the USB light indicator on the AdTran does not illuminate mean there is a malfunction even though it is recognizing the printer?
  3. Is there something more/another step that needs to be done ie: Port configuration, spooling, sharing (all stuff above my pay grade that I don't want to start guessing and clicking and completely mess up things that I can't reverse!)?
  4. Am I best to go ahead and purchase another wireless print server?

So, that's my sad story, and I so hope someone can shed some light on this as getting up from my preferred work spot with my Surface Pro to go and plug into my HP printer to print is getting rather tedious. But it does get me to stretch my legs!

Thank you!

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