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854-v6 intermittant failure to boot on power on.

Model 854-v6


I hope that someone will be able to help regarding this equipment?

This router performs very well, and I have no Issues with that, once it eventually boots up after several attempts.

I am having an issue in the following circumstances: If only the router and desktop are powered down, for varying time periods, I encounter the following issue. (N.B. The ONT is left permanently on).
When powering up the router, it won't always go through its start-up sequence, i.e. it will not show anything other than a steady blue light from the led on the front panel. It appears to be a static condition, powering off is the only solution.
If I power the router only down for a few minutes it will sometimes, but not always function correctly next time on powering on. Resetting does not seem to impact this behaviour.
This is a bit frustrating, as if I am away for a day or two and have turned off devices as above, I can spend a lot of time trying to get up and running again.
It has taken several attempts this morning to get up and running!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was going to attach a log, but as it appears that a log is only generated when working correctly I don't think I can?

Best Ugbo-Beacon

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