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Sony TV keeps dropping connection to 854-v6

Have recently switched to Fidium fibre. Have two TV's. router is located in 2nd floor office. Router is on the desk next to a battery APC, a couple of external hard drives, and a PC. TV on the 2nd floor can connect and stay connected no problem. Sony TV, a fairly new one, is on the 1st floor about 50 ft. away, and has trouble staying connected. It's kind of screwy. Sometimes works great for a few hours, and then just decides to lose the connection. Fidium gave me a wifi extender, but that doesn't seem to help. Extender is about 15 - 16 feet away, with almost line-of-site to the TV downstairs, plugged into a wall outlet in the 2nd floor hallway.   

Is there a Mesh network that will connect to this router?  Should the extender be moved to the 1st floor closer to the TV? 

I've got a Netgear Ethernet extender that can use the household wiring to carry the signal. This worked previously with Xfinity, but when I try to use this with the Adtran router, the TV says it is connected, and will display a local IP address, but cannot access the internet. TV says no connection. Is there something I need to do within the router to allow it to make the connection to the internet for the ethernet connected device thru Netgear?  

Thanks for any help provided,


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