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adtran sdx621

I just bought this SDX621 device, I want to configure it but I don't have the IP to access it.
How can I configure it?

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Re: adtran sdx621


The SDX 621 is an XGS-PON ONT.  The Adtran ONTs do not have a Craft serial port or an IP address for management assigned to the Ethernet interface.  So no way to access it locally.  This device is not a router or switch.

When the SDX 621 is connected to the TA5000 XGS-PON OLT or the SDX 6000 Series XGS-PON OLT, the ONT provisioning is performed in the "OLT" and pushed down to the SDX 621 "ONT" via the OMCI channel between the two devices.  Any commands associated with port status, ONT status, performance status, etc. are executed in the OLT chassis.

Hope this helps.




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Re: adtran sdx621

In my case I want it to connect a neutral router.
My company is digi but if I connect the fiubra + rputer it does not provide service.
Even though I configure the neutral router with ppoe data, I don't get a connection either.