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TSU 600 Network Interface Timing Mode Selection

I am attempting to use a pair of TSU 600s to pass Radio Remote Control audio signals (using E & M modules) over a T1 circuit that is carried on a microwave system. The T1 circuit does not

provide a clock signal.

The TSU 600s link up, but show continuous Framing Errors. I have tried Network Interface and Internal as the source on either or both ends, but nothing changes. I do not have the hardware

available to try the DTE option (but may be able to obtain it). Note that when the T1 cable from a wireline circuit in active use is plugged into one of the TSU600s all alarms clear - so the

equipment appears to be OK.  What else is there to try?

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Valued Contributor

Re: TSU 600 Network Interface Timing Mode Selection

Framing Errors are quite different than clock slips (controlled slip seconds). If you are taking framing errors without controlled slip seconds, then it is simply a bad signal, with errors. If clock slips are frequent and bad enough, they can cause framing errors as well, but it doesn't sound like what you are describing is simply clock slips. If your CSS errors and Framing errors are both incrementing together, then it may be from clock slips.

You may need to look at the line build out of the microwave equipment as the signal may be weak, or even too strong and causing errors.

In this type of setup, typically one TSU will be set to INTERNAL timing and the other will be set to take timing from the T1 port.