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TSU600 BOOTREV version change

We currently have two TSU600 in our live system setup, and two older unused TSU600s. The live systems use REV V BOOTREV D, and the unused have REV V BOOTREV A. Is there a simple process to change our older TSU's to our live REV V BOOTREV D... i.e. can I just upload/download the BOOTREV D from the "Chain-in" port? Do I need specific software... Will T-Watch Pro work? I saw the pin-out for the custom serial to RJ-45 in an older post.

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Valued Contributor

Re: TSU600 BOOTREV version change

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, the BOOTREV on the TSU600s is an EPROM chip, and cannot be flashed. The chip has to be replaced. However, I don't believe you'll have any issues running BOOTREV A.

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