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908e and PRI's


We are looking at a solution from a carrier that would provide us 5 PRI's over fiber a 908e or 2 will be in place to support these. we are going to have a PRI hand-off. I'm very new to this so here is what we have an Interactive Intelligence Server for PBX with Audio Codes FXS Gateways for Phones ( Analog )

and 2 Mediant Gateway 1000's that our 5 PRI's form our current carrier are connected to. We do not want to go full SIP as the new provider is not certified with Interactive. My question is this and it may be dumb. if we have PRI hand-offs from the Adtran can we connect those to the Mediant Gateway as if they were regular PRI's form our current carrier ??

Any help our explanations would be greatly appreciated..


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Re: 908e and PRI's

Yes, it's like a regular PRI. You'll need three TA908e units as each one can provide a maximum of two PRIs. You will need to be careful with the timing source (clock). If the PBX uses a common clock for all PRIs as is typical, you'll likely want the PBX to provide clock and have the TA908e units use the PBX's T-1s as clock source. The provider on the other end of the fiber will need to provide hunt (series completion) on the SIP trunks feeding the three units to roll over to the next if one is busy. Other than those considerations it's pretty much a by-the-book setup.