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Adtran 900 Series SIP Proxy

Hello, I have a question on SIP proxy. Do I have to use the Adtran unit as the DHCP server? Reason I ask is I tested SIP proxy successfully on a 908e with internal DHCP server and now I am testing it on a 924e with external DHCP server but using the Adtran 924e as the gateway and DNS server. Speaking of DNS, shouldn't I see the Adtran 924e respond with its IP when I query the SIP server domain name?

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Re: Adtran 900 Series SIP Proxy

Joshua, the 900 does not have to be the DHCP server in your scenario.

Can you elaborate on your DNS question? I wouldn't expect the 900 to respond to a DNS query unless you had it configured as your DNS server on the device issuing the query,