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Adtran 908e Configuration Issues


I am having trouble configuring my adtran router.

Commands like domain-proxy and name-server are coming back as unrecognized commands.

The current version I have is A4. 11.00.E.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Adtran 908e Configuration Issues

Make sure that you are in the correct mode. Enabled and in configuration mode. The prompt should look like:


Also, a while back IPv6 was added to the configuration of most AOS versions. This slightly changed the syntax. Many layer 3 commands require "ip" before the command, or "ipv6" if you're configuring ipv6 protocol.

Also, there are some commands that are specific to a section of the configuration and others that are global. If you're configuring an interface, global commands won't be recognized.

You can see the available commands by typing a "?" at any point.