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Avaya G450 connected reports Slippage

Hello Forum Member.

I have an issue that is lingering on for a quite a while. One of my customer is using the Avaya G450 PBX to connect two PRI to the the two Adtran 908E provided by me.

Avaya PRI 1 --------------------------------------> Adtran 908

Avaya PRI 2 ------------------------------------->Adtran 908

SO the customer initially had primary and secondary clocks set to the two PRIs coming from two different Adtrans and is reporting slippage on the second PRI, now they have removed the secondary clock config, but still have slips on the PRI 2. 

Please note that all this time both the adtran report no slips on the t1 interface. 

Can someone tell me why this could be happening 

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Re: Avaya G450 connected reports Slippage

So if they're from 2 different Adtrans, you have to realize that the clocks are generated independently of each other. We had a similar issue but with 924E at a large customer site. Long story short, we had 4 PRI going to a customer PBX. The PBX could only set 1 PRI as the 'master' clock source. As you can imagine, there were slips all over the place.

Our solution involved connecting the NET T1 0/1 between the 924Es and setting 924E #1 to internal clock and 924E #2 to time off NET T1 0/1. Once we did that, it didn't matter which T1/PRI the customer PBX was set to as they were all timed off the same source (924E #1).

Re: Avaya G450 connected reports Slippage

Keep in mind...I'm assuming you're using SIP to back-haul the PRI delivery. 

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Re: Avaya G450 connected reports Slippage

Thanks for providing a solution. Yes we are using SIP to backhaul the PRI, adtran is the demarc point.

Re: Avaya G450 connected reports Slippage

You are welcome. I hope that resolves the issues for you.