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Dirty centrex line - looking to block incoming call on a 908e/ECS setup

I've found similar questions and replies but our setup may be different enough for a different answer. Let's see.

We have a dirty centrex line that is randomly dialing some of our users. We have a request in to our local telecom company to move the line. In the mean time, I am looking to block or fwd calls from this specific number in order to prevent hit connecting with our users.

We have PRI hitting a 908e as our gateway with a NetVanta ECS server handling our VoIP users. Is there a way to stop the call at the 908e level (or anywhere else)? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Dirty centrex line - looking to block incoming call on a 908e/ECS setup

Hi, Tomlmma,

There a few ways to block an incoming DID using your voice gateway:

A.  You can set up a reject 1-800-NXX-XXXX to stop incoming 800 numbers by adding this line under your voice grouped-trunk ...

B.  You can create an ani-list and add multiple numbers to block or re-route and then add the name of this ani-list to the voice grouped-trunk area with a deny or permit.  If you have any permit lists in use, of course add the deny lists above them.  To do this you will have to delete the permit lists first, and then add the deny lists followed by the permits again to get everything in order.

Hope this helps!