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Interface Configuration SIP to T1

I'm having an issue configuring the interfaces on a 3rd gen TA-916e.  The device is behind my firewall and I don't want to use the firewall in the Adtran.

I'm trying to set up a SIP trunk to T1 conversion with Feature Group D and figured I'd use the Gigabit port for management, Eth 0/1 for the SIP trunk, and T1 0/1 for my T1.  For the SIP trunk on Eth 0/1 I plan on using an IP address on my LAN and setting up a NAT on my existing firewall to route to my external IP address

I started out with the default 3rd gen config and configured the Gigabit port for through the craft port and can log into the web interface.  My problem is when I try to assign to Eth 0/1 I get an error "%Resultant broadcast address overlaps with giga-eth 0/1".

I'm not sure how to get around this, or if what I think I want to do is even correct. I've attached my current config if anyone has any suggestions.

I'll also welcome any information on the SIP to T1 w/Feature Group D config.


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